Favorite images

on this page, you will find some of my favorite images:

This wonderful perspective reminiscent of the iconic images of the planet Earth captured by the Apollo astronauts happened on June 19th 2020, as the crescent moon was above to occult planet Venus. It was an astronomical event I was eagerly waiting for to capture this view. The image was awarded the first place of the moon category of the 2021 Astronomy Photographer of the year contest.
On this image, Comet NEOWISE that dazzled astronomers in summer 2020, reveals its magnificient tails. See more of my images of comet NEOWISE here.
The silhouette of planet Venus shines among pollens. I recorded the rare ring phase of planet Venus with a modified telescope. See more of my captures of Venus solar conjunction here.

This HDR composite shows the eclipsed sun above the city of La Serena. See more of my images of the 2019 solar eclipse here.

This image of the 2017 USA Eclipse is the most detailed image of an eclipse. See more of my images of the 2017 solar eclipse.

An unusual perspective of the Aurora obtained during my 2017 trip to Finland. This image was awarded the first place of the Aurora category of the 2018 Insight Astrononomy Photographer of the year contest. See more of my northern light images here.
This image of the 2019 lunar eclipse shows a meteor impact. see more of my moon images here.
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