earthshineHDR Earthshine (high res here)


fullmoon12Full Moon in colors: open the high res image here to enjoy the richness of the colors of  the Moon. Some craters are orange, others are blue, others have different colors between the wall and the central peaks, etc…


m42HDR Orion nebula (high res here)


m31HDR Andromeda galaxy (high res here)


m45Pleiades star cluster (high res here)


moon eclipseMoon Total Eclipse


panstarrsPANSTARRS comet C/2011 L4


sagpsdMilky way


mcnaught+mercuryMcNaught comet C/2006 P1 in broad daylight with Mercury (stack of 111 exposures of 1/400s)


mcnaughtmirageMcNaught comet C/2006 P1 mirage (high res here)


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