above_inferno_websiteTransit of Mercury of November 11th 2019. I had to drive some hours to manage to dodge the clouds and be able to image the transit of Mercury. The weather was very difficult, with rain showers and a lot of wind, which made imaging difficult. Eventually, I had to get the scope repacked quickly before mid-transit to avoid an incoming heavy rain shower. Among the 500 collected images, only a few were good enough to allow making sharp stack of images. Recorded with a 190mm Maksutov-Newton telescope and a DSLR (high res here).


TLE2018_websiteMosaic image of the Eclipsed Moon with Mars, the Milky way and its nebulaes. The Gegenshein is weakly visible as a glow located between Mars and the Moon. You can try to spot Helix Nebula and comet C/2018 N1 Neowise in the higher resolution image here. It was acquired with modded Sony A7S and Sigma Art 85mm f/1.4 used at f/2.8. Making this image was a real race against time to make the 15 individial frames composing the image during the 100 minutes of the duration of the totality.


m42HDR Orion nebula (high res here)


NLC_nameGreat NLC display of June 23rd 2018, Paris (high res here)


Timelapse of the Great NLC display of June 23rd 2018, Paris.


m31HDR Andromeda galaxy (high res here)


m45Pleiades star cluster (high res here)


moon eclipseMoon Total Eclipse


panstarrsPANSTARRS comet C/2011 L4


sagpsdMilky way


mcnaught+mercuryMcNaught comet C/2006 P1 in broad daylight with Mercury (stack of 111 exposures of 1/400s)


mcnaughtmirageMcNaught comet C/2006 P1 mirage (high res here)


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